Thursday, November 26, 2009

it's finally thanksgiving!

This holiday symbolizes the genocide of the American Indian and the slaughtering of millions of turkeys. It's wonderful. As a foodie, I almost thought of simply going vegetarian for thanksgiving. Giving up the turkey for stuffing (one of my all time favorite foods), mashed potatoes, green beans, breads, and desserts would be really easy. But then I remember all of the negative health attributes of the dairy products that go into all of those foods, and the hundreds of thousands of chickens and cows that die simply because they don't serve the purpose of reproducing any longer. So I knew I had to be vegan this holiday. I'll publish my NEW pumpkin pie recipe (this one has a pecan crust and looks better) tomorrow or later tonight, as well as the other dishes I will have this evening.

I was shopping at whole foods and saw these gardein turk'y breasts stuffed that blogged about a few days ago and had to try them! I made some quick mashed potatoes with Silk "cream" and a few tablespoons of nature's balance buttery spread. I served it with some of my mom's peppery and zesty cranberry sauce, which is insanely good. I'm one that loves the canned, jellied cranberry sauce, and I really liked hers! I found an organic brand at whole foods of my jellied love that does not have HFCS or any of the nasty crap that goes into the normally canned stuff, so I was one happy camper. So here was the final product!

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  1. Hi Jared! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am so glad you are enjoying it. Way to go for staying vegan on Thanksgiving! With all the good stuff you made, I bet you didn't even miss the dairy. :)