Tuesday, December 22, 2009

jaredisavegan: the workaholic

38 hours last week, 34 this week! i've been super busy at hot topic. i've done a few of these amy's frozen burritos, the indian one was delicious! we have a microwave in the back so i've been using it, but other than that it's been a lot of tired salads and decent cold wraps from mall places, and waffle fries from chick-fil-a! i love those.

dogwalking has been on hold severely this week because of the winter storm we had. fortunately i had stocked up on a few frozen chilis/soups that i had made since it begun getting colder, so i heated those up and enjoyed! with moving to sara's this week, i'm glad my refridgerator/freezer have been significantly emptied due to being stranded at my condo for nearly 2 days straight.

i made this vegan peppermint fudge for my family and some of my dogwalking clients and it was delicious! LOVE IT! it got rave reviews from all of the omni's i gave it too, so it is highly recommended if you are still looking for a holiday treat that is super easy to make.

hopefully i'll have some actual recipe to let you all see...i've been varying up the last pasta sauce with caramelized onions! i've used olives, apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, and artichoke hearts (all separately). it's taken on different tastes and is still simple and inexpensive to make. the only thing i don't like is the numerous dishes (sautee pan, pasta pot, cutting board, etc.) so i could work on eliminating some of those.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the best pasta sauce ever!

i've totally outdone myself. this is PHENOMENAL. and super easy! i eat pasta all the time, i've found that i really like the barilla gold brands that are whole grain but don't taste bad! i took an onion (i used a large yellow one, not one of my mayan sweets, and this made me cry for 5 minutes, even AFTER i finished chopping it!) and 3 large cloves of garlic sweat over the heat for a few minutes. i noticed that the smaller pieces were beginning to brown lightly and decided i could add the other ingredients now, or just let it all caramelize. well, i went with the caramelization and never looked back! i left it at medium heat but added a few tablespoons of nature's balance butter to help things brown and get creamy. i let it go for about 8 more mins and everything got nice and brown and smelled amazing! i added some rough chopped tomatoes to the pan and seasoned with a lot of salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes (my sauce staples) and let it go for another 8 mins, stirred around, and then another 8 (i'm sorry, 8 is my magic number). the pasta was done so i combined this rich, brown sauce and topped it with some fresh parsley (i knew it would be too heavy without a little fresh green something, and it complemented nicely). seriously, i demolished this bowl in about 10 mins. i don't think i've ever enjoyed something vegan in a LONG time. i am definitely making this for the next omni's that i have over for dinner!

i'm headed to work in a few minutes, i have to fix my hair and change and clean up these dishes but i will be good to go! i'm working a lot of long shifts, but the money is great. i actually did $200 in shopping merchandise last night at hot topic! but with my 50% discount this weekend it was only $100. and that killed a ton of people's presents, which i am grateful for my discount. i haven't really begun studying yet, but i'm not too nervous, i'm going into history and spanish in good standing.

Monday, December 7, 2009

i'm baaack!

I didn't forget about my blog! I've been really busy trying to finish up with school this semester -- fortunately my exams will all be done by next Thursday. I also got a new job last week! I'm working seasonal at the Hot Topic in Fair Oaks now. It's fun and keeps me going! I'm excited to use my discount to purchase some holiday gifts for people. Speaking of people, so many of my friends come back this weekend from school and I'm excited to spend time with them. Hopefully I'll throw a vegan dinner party again!

Here's something I made last week before work: a meatless meatball sandwich, cooked in homemade marinara, topped with mozzarella veggieshreds, broiled (so the 'cheese' gets super bubbly and brown, which I absolutely love) and served with some of my leftover ranch dressing (see the 'party' entry for the recipe) and organic crinkle cut french fries. The meatballs were on the grainy side (I used the Nate's brand, original style). I make my marinara in a super large stock pot such that I can have it readily available in my freezer for quick meals. I'll post the recipe sometime!