Sunday, December 13, 2009

the best pasta sauce ever!

i've totally outdone myself. this is PHENOMENAL. and super easy! i eat pasta all the time, i've found that i really like the barilla gold brands that are whole grain but don't taste bad! i took an onion (i used a large yellow one, not one of my mayan sweets, and this made me cry for 5 minutes, even AFTER i finished chopping it!) and 3 large cloves of garlic sweat over the heat for a few minutes. i noticed that the smaller pieces were beginning to brown lightly and decided i could add the other ingredients now, or just let it all caramelize. well, i went with the caramelization and never looked back! i left it at medium heat but added a few tablespoons of nature's balance butter to help things brown and get creamy. i let it go for about 8 more mins and everything got nice and brown and smelled amazing! i added some rough chopped tomatoes to the pan and seasoned with a lot of salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes (my sauce staples) and let it go for another 8 mins, stirred around, and then another 8 (i'm sorry, 8 is my magic number). the pasta was done so i combined this rich, brown sauce and topped it with some fresh parsley (i knew it would be too heavy without a little fresh green something, and it complemented nicely). seriously, i demolished this bowl in about 10 mins. i don't think i've ever enjoyed something vegan in a LONG time. i am definitely making this for the next omni's that i have over for dinner!

i'm headed to work in a few minutes, i have to fix my hair and change and clean up these dishes but i will be good to go! i'm working a lot of long shifts, but the money is great. i actually did $200 in shopping merchandise last night at hot topic! but with my 50% discount this weekend it was only $100. and that killed a ton of people's presents, which i am grateful for my discount. i haven't really begun studying yet, but i'm not too nervous, i'm going into history and spanish in good standing.

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