Monday, December 7, 2009

i'm baaack!

I didn't forget about my blog! I've been really busy trying to finish up with school this semester -- fortunately my exams will all be done by next Thursday. I also got a new job last week! I'm working seasonal at the Hot Topic in Fair Oaks now. It's fun and keeps me going! I'm excited to use my discount to purchase some holiday gifts for people. Speaking of people, so many of my friends come back this weekend from school and I'm excited to spend time with them. Hopefully I'll throw a vegan dinner party again!

Here's something I made last week before work: a meatless meatball sandwich, cooked in homemade marinara, topped with mozzarella veggieshreds, broiled (so the 'cheese' gets super bubbly and brown, which I absolutely love) and served with some of my leftover ranch dressing (see the 'party' entry for the recipe) and organic crinkle cut french fries. The meatballs were on the grainy side (I used the Nate's brand, original style). I make my marinara in a super large stock pot such that I can have it readily available in my freezer for quick meals. I'll post the recipe sometime!


  1. Gosh I love blogs and I'm glad other people I know have them too! Yay~