Wednesday, January 27, 2010

over a month since i've last blogged? WHOA! where did my protein go?!

with my busy schedule (i don't even get a chance to get to my computer every day!) i really don't have the time to keep up with this blog consistently as a daily food diary. i really enjoy reading the food diaries that many bloggers furnish, and i do like getting a chance to read them, i just can't keep up with them consistently.

at any rate, i've had a good couple of weeks! i joined the gym (xsport fitness) just before school started and i've gone four times each week! my goal is to bump it up to five, but because i'm only actually at campus three days per week, it's difficult to get up to alexandria. i'm determined, though! i love the feeling after a great workout.

my trainer suggested i add protein powder to my shakes (or anything i eat, although i don't imagine it would be good in much else). i know i don't get a significant amount of protein in my diet. additionally, i know at least 50% of it comes from soy based products. i'm looking at more beans and natural alternatives, but i think i might have to succumb to protein powder. at 50g of protein in two scoops, i really think it would improve my overall energy and muscle improvement (as my trainer prescribed).

what are your thoughts? i know in skinny bastard, the writers said that the most common question vegans are asked is "where do you get your protein?" and i should go back and read the answers she provided such that i can go grocery shopping and add some of those items to my list. i've always told myself that i just didn't need protein and didn't crave the "meatiness" or actual chemical protein and that i would simply become full from mostly carbs or simply vegetables rather than focus on specific "protein".