Saturday, November 6, 2010

busy weekend and i'm already behind on blogging :(

work, pet-sitting, and more work have consumed my weekend. :(((

not too pleased with that. but i'll live. speaking of living, i've been living on a lot of quickly thrown together meals or take-out the past few days (that i haven't been blogging because i haven't been at my computer...)

i did have time to make oh she glow's new healthy cookie bites! they were delicious. i loved that they contained 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of fiber per serving -- that made them all the better!

i had planned to make several recipes from alicia's the kind diet this week. sorry, i pretend that i'm on a first name basis with people like alicia (silverstone), chelsea (handler), rachael (ray), lisa (lampanelli), pete (wentz), and i suppose a few others. in my head, i know them, i any rate, i've had alicia's book for a while now. it intimidated me when i first got it though. i have felt at times as though my diet is limiting. of course, i have learned that it is full of new options, i have grown more creative, and i can enjoy my life completely with a vegan diet. but alicia's book places, or rather suggests, many new things to avoid. i am slowly incorporating them into my life.

i'm just worn out. i haven't even been tweeting much. blahhhhh. i'm realizing i need to get some pictures up in here!

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