Saturday, November 13, 2010

i really need to blog more often...

i'm really not so great at this whole blogging thing! it must have been how i stopped before. at any rate, i got the night off to judge for the debate tournament today, so i'm here relaxing and know i should get back to mofo'ing it up!

wednesday night i really did it up. big time. i kept telling myself that it's okay, i don't deep fry, and it's okay, because i don't do this all the time...but man, this southern fried tofu was DELICIOUS. it seriously had a chicken-like flavor from the salt/pepper/garlic rub and the hot sauce in the liquid. i don't think i've prepared tofu in many better ways. okay, i love a great tofu scramble. but this just tore it up haha. i served it up with (as suggested) vegetarian baked beans and some corn. the baked beans were from a can i bought on sale, and they ended up having a very short ingredient list! serious comfort food was enjoyed.

okay, as i was making it, i knew it would be super rich and fattening, so i made a little side spinach salad. haha.

thursday night i worked and had a nice microwave amy's burrito! yum. i got home from work and made these brownies. definitely fudgy, rich, decadent, but low fat! i should have baked them a few more minutes, they were still very battery, which was tasty, just not really solid enough to transport anywhere.

friday i threw together a comforting but super healthy roasted vegetable soup! i'll post the recipe sometime soon, i promise! then i made veganomicon's apple peanut butter caramel bars. i've made these once before, and they were just as delicious the second time around. i'm about to have leftovers!

i actually went through and did meal planning on friday morning, did all my grocery shopping, and have tons of food to prepare for next week. look for some great updates!

now i'm watching whip it. what a fantastic movie! :]

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  1. I love that when you tell us what you eat, you always include dessert. Desserts are the best part of any meal!! ;)