Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i should get to updating this daily!

i cook every day! i really have been doing a great job at it. it's been saving me money on eating out at restaurants, and i've been eating more wholesome, less processed foods, which is great. my point is that i really should blog these things every day. despite that, i love being in control of what i eat -- it's an amazing feeling.

sunday was a BIG day of cooking! i opened the store for the first time, so i had all day to gallivant and prepare yummy food! for lunch i made gardein scallopini over ww spaghetti. i seared the gardein 'breasts', removed them, and then sauteed garlic and capers and reduced it with white wine. i brought the sauce together with lemon juice and a few tablespoons of earth balance 'butter'. it's a combination of the suggested serving on the bag of gardein and tal ronnen's recipe, and it really works for me. if you haven't yet tried gardein, i highly suggest it. it's quite amazing. i later made some cranberry orange pecan muffins from isa chandra's vegan brunch, and, well, they're all gone as of today, so they were clearly delicious as well. for dinner, i made red hot chili tofu from robin robertson. i served it over rice and had doubled the sauce. it was divine. spicy, crispy, and very flavorful. the ginger flavor was especially wonderful.

monday is my busier day, and although i had some things planned, i shifted them to later in the week. i (more than happily) ate leftover red hot chili tofu for lunch, went to class, held my debate meeting, and came home to make mama pea's oatmeal cream pies. these tasted creamy and, dare i say, better than the original!

tuesdays i generally get out early from my afternoon bio lab and head home to make some dinner. i threw together some mashed potatoes to serve under isa's chickpea picatta. it had the great flavors of a picatta with white wine, lemon, and capers. when topped over peppery arugula and creamy mashed potatoes, this dish was extremely comforting and delicious, but also very balanced and low fat.

doesn't that just look hearty and delicious? well, it was. you should be jealous and go make it.

this afternoon i made a butternut squash and chickpea salad from angela over at oh she glows. she is my favorite new blogger, definitely up there with my seasoned favorites mama pea and happy herbivore. she is extremely creative, descriptive, takes beautiful photographs, and dreams up the most decadent yet simple and nutritious recipes. at any rate, the salad was pretty good. the dressing made such a large quantity, but the combination of the bold tahini, the mild tomatoes and chickpeas, and the nutty squash was great.

tonight, i took the night off from all my cooking (and cleaning of dishes...) with chinese takeout. it was good, but i can tell i'm feeling a little off from eating something more oily than what i have become accustomed to. i really am passionate about my cooking :]

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  1. You're a musician, too? Sweetness! November has led me to so many vegan musician blogs! Okay, maybe only 2, but still way more than before November(which was 0).

    And yay to cooking every day! I started doing that almost two years ago, and I'm ridiculously happy I did. Considering it's probably one of the most practical skills you could possibly learn. :P