Tuesday, November 23, 2010

loooong weekend and an even longer one is coming up!

i worked all weekend, so here's a little recap.

thursday i threw together a quick salad before work. i don't remember what was in it, other than that it included kale, tomatoes, red onions, and this killer greek vinaigrette dressing from wegmans that is organic and vegan. it's a creamy dressing that really brings me back to the ones i'd have at greek style diners with greek salads (although they always included gyro and feta cheese...)

i actually clopened on thursday/friday (you'll see this come up, it's when one closes the night before and then opens the next day!) so with the quick turnaround and early morning, i didn't cook that night or the next morning. i did my BIG grocery shopping for thanksgiving at whole foods and costco that afternoon and headed home to make rice for several recipes i had going on throughout the following week. friday night i went out with my friend natalie who is back in town!! :) we went to shirlington and saw a documentary called inside job about the meltdown of the financial industry, which was good, but definitely made me really concerned about the world, mortgages, trusting people, financing my money, etc. on a lighter note, we went to busboys & poets for an AWESOME dinner! we split vegan nachos, which were good, but i felt like the daiya could have been better assembled as a sauce rather than sprinkled on. we both had the tempeh panini (TLT!) and it was very good. i've had it twice before! busboys always has a vegan cheesecake, and we had the pumpkin, which was dense, flavorful, creamy, and delicious!

saturday morning, natalie and i went to the gym for a hard workout. i came back and made this awesome breakfast quinoa from angela at oh she glows filled with maple syrup, apricots, pecans, and so much other goodness! it was a seriously glorified oatmeal. i don't particularly enjoy oatmeal, but this was fantastic, not to mention FILLED with protein. i think i brought an amy's burrito for dinner at work that night.

sunday we hit up the gym again and i came back to make some cornbread waffles from isa's vegan brunch. i added a bit more maple to this as i wanted a sweeter flavor rather than a savory cornbread. they had such a great texture from the cornmeal, although they were a bit dense, probably because i overmixed them. i have a habit of doing that, haha...anyways! i later made a butternut squash curry with tempeh (it strikes back!) and lots of aromatics. it was really spicy and hearty, so i brought it to work with me to enjoy over rice.

yesterday i woke up and saw that melissa had tweeted, among many delicious recipes, these mocha chocolate chip muffins. i am a fan of every term in that recipe. they were rich and decadent, not really breakfast muffins, but overall easy and tasty. i finished up the rest of the squash and chickpea salad from angela that i made last week for lunch over some greens. if you didn't tell, i absolutely love squash. i find its fall flavor hearty, sweet, and really versatile with so many different seasonings. i came home after my class and debate meeting to make the spicoli burgers with potato smashers from dreena burton's eat, drink, & be vegan. i had bookmarked this recipe to make some time ago, but after seeing pictures and a rave review from keri over at i eat trees, i knew i had to make it. i have to agree, i believe these may be the best veggie burgers i have ever made. they were extremely hearty, crispy, and savory. i enjoyed them on a hamburger bun with avocado, tomato, and red onion. the potato smashers were pretty tasty, too. at any rate, the spicoli burgers are a MUST try! i had some trouble forming the patties, the mixture was extremely moist, but once i got it down they were good to go!

i made a great green monster this morning! i loaded it up with ground flax, kale, a frozen banana, and coconut kefir! the kefir made it especially tangy, but it still wasn't quite sweet enough for me, so i added 3 packets of stevia and it was truly delicious. i'm off to class, lunch, and work! :]

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