Tuesday, November 2, 2010

pumpkin madness!

i never got to meal planning last night :(

as such, i got home from my boring errands, lame classes, and line to voting and didn't know what to make! i had a ton of produce leftover from last week in the fridge, as well as some leftovers, but i wanted something warm and fresh. i decided to put together another one of mama pea's recipes: pumpkin curry with tofu! (i promise i cook from other cookbooks, authors, and bloggers...i just have a ton of her fantastic recipes starred on my reader that i have been meaning to get to, and she seems pretty cool!) it was pretty good, although a little thick for me. i will probably thin it out with some hemp milk i have (i tend to use it as unsweetened for cooking, i keep sweetened coconut milk around for drinking, trying to minimize my soy and i find so delicious to be just that -- so delicious!) substitutions i made included one large onion, more garlic, and using zucchini for carrots. it was comforting and filling, which i appreciated :]

i might get to meal planning tonight...we'll see!

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