Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksvegan successful!

wonderful thanksgiving celebration at my aunt's house this evening! =]
everyone enjoyed learning and savoring all the vegan delights i prepared.
sorry there are no pictures...i forgot, and now pretty much everything is gone!

pumpkin cashew cheese dip: this was probably the biggest hit out of everything i made, i received so many compliments! i served it warm with apples and crackers. my only disappointment was that it really had very little cheese taste -- i might add some nooch next time, but it was a delicious, lightly sweet but still savory party dip. yummy, festive, and simple.

sweet potato casserole: this was amazing. i loved it. end of story. i didn't hear people raving about it, but it was the only thing on the table that was completely gone.

harvest stuffed mushrooms: i'm not a huge mushroom fan but picked these out as more of an entree type of thing for the vegetarians (2) and vegan (1) haha. the omni's enjoyed them, although i really should have made a nice vegan gravy to go over them. the cranberry sauce didn't do them justice, they remained a little bland and a little dry.

cornbread stuffing: this was another great highlight for me. i found it really savory, maybe a little on the dry side as well, but the 'sausage', cornbread, leeks, and great seasonings all came together really well.

pumpkin brownie pie with pecan topping: i'm so happy that everyone was so full from dinner that the desserts went virtually untouched. i just got to trying some of this pie and it's the bomb dot com. seriously amazing. i do wish it had been baked a little longer, but it's soft and a little gooey!

well that's my thanksvegan round-up! hopefully you all had a great holiday :]

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