Sunday, December 26, 2010

making goals happen.

this blog is...very underused. i absolutely love reading blogs. i subscribe to over 30. i really feel as though i need to contribute more to the community in terms of sharing stories, thoughts, recipes, and ideas.
#1: post more often. at least once every three days.
#2: take pictures with camera i received last hannukah. upload to blog!
#3: add recipes (revamped corn soup! killer chili! dessert hummus!) in posts.

i have some goals that are also not related to the blog!
#1: make it to the gym on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. try out the rowing machine. really break a sweat and get worn down from these gym visits.
#2: pack lunch and snacks for work this week (monday, tuesday, and saturday).
#3: relax! run around less. :)

i really feel as though if i put these goals "into writing" i will be much more likely to follow through with them. here's hoping!

do writing goals or making lists help you follow through with responsibilities?

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