Monday, December 6, 2010

ready for a souper week!

i just did my meal planning for the week and i'm really excited! i've got these sweet potato muffins in the oven. i added pecans and craisins to the mix and i hope they turn out well.

last week was the coldest one we've had in a while. i've been craving a hearty soup to warm up with, so i added three to my meals this week. coming my way tonight is this quick corn stew. i love creamy corn chowder, and this looks like a much healthier but still satisfying version. i'll be making a spicy and flavorful red lentil stew tomorrow afternoon and then this quinoa, white bean, and kale soup from PPK that i've been meaning to make for a while. it looks very comprehensive in terms of health benefits, not to mention really flavorful and full of ingredients i always have on hand.

here's hoping for a great week full of soups!

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