Sunday, January 30, 2011

sometimes it's time for takeout.

Sometimes I have a really long shift, or a string of longer days working. Today wasn't really one of those days. I just knew that I didn't feel like cooking. I have plenty of quick go-to recipes for these cases, but they involve a little time, including waiting and prepping, and of course dishes. I just wasn't having any of that. I didn't eat much at work (I brought leftover jambalaya that wasn't working out very well) a cliff builders bar, 2 clementines, and a yogurt, and from 10-630, that's just not a great amount of food.

I absolutely love thai food. I have had very few bad experiences. It is flavorful, clean, and always bold. Service is generally very good, and takeout is fast. I love that the menu always has vegan options that are varied. That being said, drunken noodles are my favorite. I love the feeling of eating something so spicy that it knocks your socks off.


How does that not look delicious?! :)

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