Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I turned my kitchen into a boutique vegan bakery!

I had a lot of fun yesterday afternoon catching up with Natalie and Sasha. I love baking, as does Sasha, so we always planned on getting together and making up vegan treats! Her brother is dairy-free so she is fairly experienced in dairy substitutes but was looking for suggestions. Natalie is pseudo-vegan and is virtually a garbage disposal when it comes to food so she had to come along. Her birthday is also this Friday!

I have had my eye on Chloe Coscarelli's winning recipe on Cupcake Wars since she published it months ago. I've had it bookmarked since JUNE but never had an occasion to tackle a difficult, multi-step dessert recipe. A Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcake just sounds decadent. It consists of a fairly ordinary vanilla cupcake, filled with a robust coffee flavored syrup and then a raspberry sauce. It is then topped off with an espresso buttercream that will not last by any means. It was INSANELY good. Very rich, not something I would indulge in on a regular basis, but for an occasion? Sure.

We also made Lemon Bars from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's The Joy of Vegan Baking. They were very good as well. The lemon curd base is from silken tofu, but this is a baked item that you cannot detect the tofu taste at all. The pastry crust is soft and tasty, but the lemon topping is fresh and tart.

Sasha made a creative slideshow that I can't seem to copy/paste here. I'm a bit technically challenged. At any rate, you'll see some top rate food p0rn if you head over to her tumblr. She was my food photographer for the day! :]


  1. I can send you the photos tomorrow if you wanna stick them up here! :)
    (p.s. Jeremy is also egg-free, and not by choice. lol and btw, he liked the cupcakes!!)