Friday, April 29, 2011

VYY: Apple Cranberry Salad w/ Country Fried Seitan

I'm not a lover of seitan, if you can't quite remember. But I decided I would give it another shot. A new cookbook, a new method, and a new type of dish. Why not.

Ms. Ulm's Seitan recipe was not as involving as the one in V'con. Surprisingly it was a few ingredients to add, mix, braise, and then fry. I felt as though I was constantly boiling the other recipe, and this one advised against boiling as it would be "spongy and rubbery". Very interesting. She and Isa should have a seitan-off. I wouldn't want to attend that one, though.

I didn't like this one very much either. I liked the crispy texture, although you could fry anything and I'd probably enjoy it. I did not deep fry it as she suggested, rather I decided to shallow fry, and it was crisp and delicious. But I couldn't get over the texture of the seitan itself. It just doesn't have much flavor and is awkwardly chewy.

I did, however, take two different pictures. And I enjoyed the addition of fruits. The dressing was good as well, although too bitter for me. I added a teaspoon or two of agave to sweeten it up, it was almost a honey mustard dressing with some nuttiness from the almonds. If you like seitan, you'll probably like this recipe. It was a bit involving but the salad was well balanced with flavor, texture, color, and nutritional value.


  1. I've never tried making seitan (from V'con or AFR) though I have made HH's chicken style seitan and really liked it. Now I'm curious whether I'd like it or not (your pictures make me want to believe YES)...maybe I'll try the one from AFR.

  2. I have not tried the HH recipe. I'll consult Lindsay... I loved the test recipe for 'chicken' and could live on that! Glad you enjoyed the pics, the salad itself was great to photograph.