Thursday, April 28, 2011

VYY: Sweet Chili Lime Tofu

Last night for dinner I did up some tofu. Love me some tofu. It's incredibly versatile and I love how the texture can get manipulated. I bought one of these guys a few months ago after I started seeing them everywhere. I haven't turned back since.

(I'm even pressing tofu right now for tonight!) Half an hour in this thing makes all the difference. I usually do at least an hour or two, even overnight if I remember. I highly recommend it. The Tofu Xpress is somewhat expensive, but if you make tofu about once a week like I do, you're bound to save time and plates/odd weights/whatever else you used to get all that water out of it.

The marinade is prepared to allow the flavors to blend before it blankets the tofu. Lime, red pepper flakes, garlic, tamari, and others are tossed together. Personally, when tasting it before and after, I felt as though it was missing ginger. Maybe I am just a ginger-holic now.

This recipe called for the tofu to be dry-fried first. This is a technique I am fairly familiar with -- you allow a pan to get very hot and sear the tofu on all sides. But the creative way that Lauren has you dice the tofu into these perfect little triangles is fantastic and makes for such a great texture. The pieces absorbed so much great flavor yet remained crisp. It is served on a bed of lime infused quinoa and collards (or in my case kale, and even Ms. Ulm says you can substitute!) that made for an awesome bowl of greens/grains over some really tasty tofu.

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