This is Jared.

I consider myself honest, bubbly, and easy-going. I make it a priority to laugh every day. It sounds dumb, but laughter is contagious, and I really feel like it is the easiest way to spread cheerfulness. I make my best attempts to surround myself with people that care about me, respect me, and support me with positive energy.
I spend a lot of my time going out with friends. Whether it's restaurants, coffee, parks, shows, the gym, I have solid relationships with the people that I care about, and I love spending time with them. Life is short, so why not?
I take classes at a local community college, and this is my last semester there. I've applied to four schools to finish my undergrad. Upon writing this, I still don't know where I'll be next fall semester. It's a little scary. I'm a sociology major. While I haven't selected my concentration, I plan on minoring in either gender studies, marketing, or communications. I plan on getting my Masters in either public policy or public health. I'd like to work on resolving childhood obesity and emphasizing plant-based food for the Standard American Diet (it's so SAD it needs to be fixed, lol).
I watch a pretty normal amount of trashy TV. Okay, it's probably well above normal. The Housewives are addicting, what can I say? I also enjoy Top Chef, House, Chelsea Lately, and Law & Order SVU.

I'm certain this section will always be plural. I've had a part-time job, coupled with full-time school, since I was fourteen. I've worked at several restaurants, and to be honest, I really like working in restaurants. I am passionate about food and can convey that knowledge and confidence to customers. I'll probably return to restaurants when the timing is right.
I currently split my time with three part-time jobs. I am the Director of Speech and Debate at W.T. Woodson High School. Well, that's the title on my signature. For short, I am the debate coach. We compete in many competitive events and I coach all of the kids. Including the freshman. Yikes. I also work at Hot Topic as a Permanent Keyholder. This means I'm kind-of a manager, but kind-of not. I love talking music with people and I've found that I'm pretty good at sales. Lastly, and for the longest duration, I work for a local pet-sitting business as a dog-walker. I go to people's homes when they're not home and walk their dogs. It's great exercise and a fun way to make good money.
I somehow balance all of these into going to school AND I'm hoping to capitalize on my blog. I'm busy, but I don't think I would have it any other way.

I've been cooking for well over a decade. I've loved food since I was a kid, and my parents loved taking me to restaurants. I was always the well-behaved kid that enjoyed trying new foods! I later went to many summer cooking camps and refined my skills and recipes.
I absolutely love The Food Network. Rachael Ray is probably my favorite, her personality is so loud and enthusiastic. I probably own 8-10 of her books. I compulsively purchase cookbooks, btw. But I have really cooked my way through hers, at least when I was an omnivore. Giada is fantastic as well, and doesn't everyone love Paula Deen? Okay, maybe just a little.
I transitioned to veganism after reading Skinny Bastard in August of 2009. This was after I had pondered vegetarianism but never actually implemented it into my lifestyle. So my change was completely cold turkey, but I felt like it made sense to me. I have found veganism to be a challenge, but a rewarding one. I have found a community on Twitter, and it is fantastic. I've learned an entirely new way of cooking and eating, ultimately leading to dropping 40 lbs. (and keeping it off!). I'm still working on my weight loss, but I know that this lifestyle is not only a good way to lose weight, but an even better way to live a longer and healthier life. I would put things here about factory farming is bad and how embryos are disgusting, but we all know that. Check out my "He likes to Read" section for some suggestions on going vegan.